Images tell stories. Being both a writer and photographer means that I have two ways to share my experiences and that my words can have a much greater impact with powerful images to illustrate my words. 


Raja Ampat, Indonesia

From one hundred feet below the surface, this massive school of silversides seemed to completely envelop the diver above. This is the landscape of Raja Ampat. Huge canyons filled by storms of baitfish that are graced by one of the strongest and most nutrient rich current on the planet make Raja the bull's eye of marine biodiversity. 



great barrier reef, australia

Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffered the most severe bleaching event in its history earlier this year. With waters that got hotter than ever and stayed that way longer, the northern third of the GBR was hit the hardest where 90% of the corals bleached. But corals aren't the only reef inhabitants impacted by these conditions. Unable to withstand the prolonged temperature stress, the anemones bleached, too. This clownfish will remain in her white house until it recovers, or perishes. 



chinchorro banks, mexico

It's hard to know what to expect from crocodiles, especially when you're in the the water with them. The crocs of Banco Chinchorro are big, hungry, and extremely intimidating, yet surprisingly calm and dare I suggest, even docile. On our last day in Chinchorro a huge storm blew in and this was the last image I shot before exiting the water. Almost too close for comfort was just the right distance to capture the incredible jaws of this reptilian predator accentuated by the threatening sky. 

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